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What To Expect With An Exeter Wardrobe Stylist

What To Expect With An Exeter Wardrobe Stylist


If you are looking to update your look with a more stylish wardrobe, Exeter has a fantastic choice of high street stores, numerous independent boutiques with Princesshay shopping centre at the heart, with top brand names including Zara, All Saints, Ted Baker, Reiss and many more.



In short, is Exeter a shopper’s paradise? The answer is YES! 


We are all too familiar with a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear problem. 

The same issue can be applied to many shopping destinations: A high street, shopping centre or department store full of fabulous brands yet you’re not sure where to start first…

This is mainly down to the fact we gravitate towards our favourite stores and have preconceived ideas of others we are not familiar with. For example, I’ve heard all too often – they don’t go up to my size and nothing fits, I can never find anything I like and I didn’t know they did good jeans! These are just some barriers that stop us from finding great clothing items in cities like Exeter.

When the choice of shops is vast, many of us don’t know where to start, we can waste a lot of time and make costly purchases that may never be worn. Does this sound familiar and is this you?

Clients who have moved to Devon from London have also been used to a vast array of choice, they shop online frequently and dismiss Exeter, thinking it’s too small and won’t have anything they want. I have never not been into Exeter and not found what I am looking for. 


The solution? Hire an Exeter wardrobe stylist!


There’s nothing wrong with asking for help – in fact, I guarantee it will save you a lot of time, frustration and achieve an altogether better shopping experience. Oh, and save you money in the longer term! Forget those impulse buys that are never worn or you don’t even like, a professional wardrobe stylist will ensure you come away with functional and stylish outfits that you will always reach for and love forever. 

As a personal stylist and professional personal shopper with years of experience and an Exeter resident, I am your best choice of stylist. 


So what should you expect when you work with me as your wardrobe stylist in Exeter? In short, rigorous research and preparation from me, a stress free and fun shop for you, whilst acquiring essential style know how – combine this with guaranteed time and money saving benefits, you will come away with a wardrobe full of clothes you love to wear, again and again for years to come. This is sustainable fashion at its best! 


The key to success is in my planning. I will work with you to develop your style, establish a wish list of key items that will enhance your desired look and current wardrobe. Before we even hit the shops, I will have a good idea of your style preferences, your budget and what will work with the clothes you already own.


With knowledge of your existing wardrobe and your main objectives, I will identify key pieces and where to find them in advance of our shopping trip to Exeter. I am a big advocate of sustainable fashion and will introduce shopping for quality garments you can afford which will last longer and give better value in the long term.


Part of my pre-shop research will also be focused around your body shape and individual proportions. This will allow me to prepare a list of recommended stores and preselect the correct sizes for you. This will streamline the experience, save heaps of time whilst giving you a stress free and shopping experience. 


If you’d like to feel more confident about the clothes you buy by learning which styles and colours suit you, I’d love to have a chat to discuss your individual requirements.


My in-person personal shopping packages are available as introductory, half-day or full day sessions, and you can find out more here. Virtual personal styling is also available.

Alternatively, you can get in touch by calling me on 07971 484882 or emailing me at chantelle@personal-stylist.co.uk.