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Personal stylist Bristol – Let me help you get the best out of your shopping experience

As a shopping destination, Bristol offers so much – from the lovely boutiques of Clifton Street to Cabot Circus shopping centre with 100 stores including Harvey Nichols and House of Fraser, and so much more in between. The question is, with so much choice available, where do you start? I know from experience with shopping with my clients, it can be overwhelming to venture into any city and even into retailers you love!

I consider myself lucky to be an independent personal stylist living so close to Bristol with only great knowledge of the South West’s premier shopping destination – it’s also one of my favourite cities to shop in! Let me help you get the very best out of your Bristol shopping experience.

Why use a personal stylist in Bristol?

With years of experience behind me, I am confident that I can elevate your shopping experience and ensure you come away with items that you will love to wear, day in, day out. Forget those impulse purchases that are still unworn in your wardrobe. I will work with you to determine what you need and compile a desired wish list of key items that will compliment your already established wardrobe. My personal shopping sessions are designed to be fun and efficient, saving you heaps of time and 100% tailored to you.

It is important to have good communication before our shopping trip in Bristol. A successful outing will begin with thorough research by me, prior to the day. Understanding your requirements, budget and your style preferences will allow me to create your very own personalised style mood board, as well as determining key brands and staple pieces perfect for you.

It will also allow me to focus on likely stores that are relevant to you, as well as eliminating those that do not. Prior to our shopping trip and at the end of the preparation process, I will have a clear vision of where I want to take you in terms of a style direction perfect for you.

It is important to know and realise your budget, as this will also assist with aligning suitable brands and stores. It will also allow me to suggest some unknown stores or brands to you that you might not have considered in the past – this can be a revelation. One thing that amazes my clients, is the cost-per-wear ratio of some items – there is an unrecognised value in longstanding staple pieces that may cost a little more than you might have considered in the past, that are made from quality yet sustainable materials, and built to last!

Another key aspect to a successful personal shopping trip is to know your accurate sizes and body shape. Having the knowledge of store sizing will help me to prepare the right items for you, as I am sure you are aware, the sizing in stores can be skewed somewhat. Look in your current jeans, trousers, and the tops you wear and let me know the sizes of these ahead of your personal shopping experience. Knowing where you bought these them from will also be very useful.

Personal Stylist Bristol – Your preparation on the day

Although I will have most of the prep work completed prior to our visit to Bristol, there are several things you can do to give us the best possible outcome on the day. The correct outfit is important – you do not need to dress to impress (that will come after our session!). The best outfit choice is something that is comfortable and easy to take on and off. Our time together is valuable so quick and easy changes into different outfits from the clothes you are wearing will benefit both of us and help make the session more efficient.

It will be helpful to remove any thoughts and memories of previous shopping trips from your mind that may not have been successful. Let’s leave those bad memories and experiences behind – enlisting my help as a professional stylist, will help you feel more confident in your fashion choices whilst help you maximising your wardrobe by creating many stylish outfits to suit you and your lifestyle. My client’s always come away with a better understanding of what styles and colours suit them best. On top of this, I always like to try and provide ways to use your current wardrobe pieces to better effect and pair these with new items purchased on the day. To me, as a stylist, it’s important to mix the old, with the new, giving individual clothing items, a more sustainable future, moving forward.

An important factor in preparing for your personal shopping experience is to have an open mind and to have fun. What can be better than shopping for a new capsule wardrobe and exciting outfits that you will love wearing, whilst making you look and feel amazing?

My in-person personal shopping packages are available as introductory, half-day or full day sessions, and you can find out more here. Alternatively, you can get in touch by calling me on 07971 484882 or emailing me at