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Let’s rediscover your

personal style and inner confidence ...

Achieving an exceptional outcome beyond my clients’ expectations.

Does this sound like you?

Do you find your wardrobe totally uninspiring?

Are you stuck in a style rut, overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choice out there and you don’t where to start?

Has your lifestyle changed, and you need help rediscovering your style? Are you looking for an experienced, warm and friendly personal stylist and personal shopper with creative styling flair who understands you and your individual requirements?

If this sounds like you then look no further, I would be delighted to assist you!

“My sole objective is to enhance my clients’ individuality and increase confidence by advising on key styles, wearable trends and creating stylish outfits, ultimately achieving an effortless capsule wardrobe for their lifestyles.

Being conscious about minimising clothing waste as well as shopping more sustainably, where possible coupled with the notion of buying less and investing in quality over quantity is hugely important to me.”

01 | Less is more

Owning less clothing will take the stress away from not knowing what to wear. See your wardrobe in its entirety. Having key pieces that you can dress up or dress down for any occasion will feel liberating moving forward.

02 | Quality over quantity

Be realistic and work within your budget. Invest in the best quality money can buy and make your clothing last longer eliminating unnecessary waste. Adopt the less is more ethos to help gain control of your wardrobe.

03 | Style not fashion

Look stylish, effortless and confident by learning what suits you. Knowledge is power. It’s true to say fashion fades each season but style is eternal. Style is ageless and timeless – you’ve got this!

How I work...

My clients are discerning and successful individuals with super busy lifestyles.

I completely understand time is a constraint due to busy work schedules, day-to-day family life and unlimited social engagements. My focused personal shopping and wardrobe management services are designed to alleviate any stress and save time to help my clients achieve their individual goals in life.

The benefits of working with me can ultimately achieve …

• Looking modern, stylish and age appropriate – effortless style!

• Having greater confidence – from the inside, out.

• Having a stylish wardrobe that works perfectly for your lifestyle and one that provides you with complementary colours, flattering styles and lots more variety.

• Having greater knowledge – learn what styles and colours work for you.

• Learning how to shop more efficiently, eliminating confusion and saving you time.

I offer a variety of introductory, half day or full day personal shopping, wardrobe management and online styling packages to suit your individual requirements.

Depending on your budget, size of your wardrobe and your objectives I will work closely with you to prescribe the best way to move forward to help you achieve the best long-term results.


I look forward to hearing from you soon.