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Personal stylist tips: Apple body shape styling

Check out my expert guidance to body shape styling. In this article, I am focusing on the Apple Shape. Apple shapes tend to have slim arms and legs, narrow hips and a bottom that is relatively flat. With having slightly wider shoulders, Apples also carry most of their weight on their upper body, including their waistline.

Nine times out of ten, they will also have an average or above average bust size. Sometimes, women with an apple body shape can be confused with having an hourglass shape. However, the telling sign is that women with hourglass body shapes will most certainly have that trademark waist definition, think Marilyn Monroe!

Apple body shape styling tips: The basics

Embrace your curvaceous shape and dress to impress, to accentuate your best features. Draw attention to your slim limbs, narrow hips, and your bust area, where possible. If you feel confident enough to do so, wear bold and bright colours, as well as shorter dress and skirt lengths or trousers with a slim fit, showcasing your slender legs.

Wide, deep V-necks, sweetheart and scoop necklines on tops and dresses, will give the illusion of a longer torso, as well as highlighting your bust area. Avoid tops, jackets, and coats with fitted or belted waists and hemlines that stop on the waistline, as these will give the appearance of shorter legs, whilst highlighting your prominent tummy.

What to wear if you are an apple shape

Single-coloured outfits or outfits in the same colour tones will elongate and slim down your overall appearance. This will also provide the illusion of height taking the emphasis off your fuller upper body.

Think deeper plunging necklines on tops and dresses, which are not too revealing, and slimmer leg trousers are a good bet! ¾ length sleeves on tops, jackets and dresses will be super flattering. Longer tunic tops will also work well for you.

Looser dresses with an empire line or wrap dress styles that drape nicely will also be fantastic for disguising prominent tummies.

Aim for trousers with an elasticated waist and mid-rise styles that have a side zip in lightweight or flowy fabrics. Keep styles simple, avoiding any extra volume from the waistline down, as this can cause you to look much bigger than you are.

What to avoid

Apple shapes have a substantial amount of fashion freedom; however, it will depend on how confident you feel as to whether you convey your edgy or feminine persona – be brave, have fun with fashion and let your personality shine through! Finally, here are a couple of dos and don’ts that you should consider –

Draw attention away from the waist – Belts will not do you any favours and will just draw attention to your waistline. Instead, keep the focus up near your face by having fun with bold and beautiful accessories – let gorgeous necklaces and earrings take centre stage!

Buy the correct size – It is tempting to buy big or wear the next size up, especially if you do have a prominent tummy or fuller bust. By hiding underneath lots of excess fabric, will only make the rest of your body appear larger than it is. Be strict (and save yourself some money), and if it doesn’t fit properly or show off your figure in the best way possible, ditch it for something more flattering.

Avoid bulky tops – When I say bulky, I also mean shapeless too! Anyway, stay well clear of boxy, structured tops or those padded and down filled puffer jackets.

Have you ever wondered what body shape you are?

If this sounds like a bit of a minefield, it doesn’t have to be. My NEW tailored body shape style guides could be just the thing to help you demystify how to dress successfully for your individual shape. With my expert guidance, you will have the chance to show off your beautiful apple shape figure with complete confidence – achieve that effortless style!

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