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Personal stylist London: Stylist Tips on getting the best out of your London shopping experience

London… The Shopping Capital! With so much choice and something to suit every budget, it can be overwhelming for those not familiar with London as a shopping destination. The choice on our buzzing High Street to exquisite high end luxury fashion, London has everything (and more!) you want to shop for. But the question is, what’s the best shopping destination for your style and budget?

Personal stylist London

I have been working in the fashion industry as a personal stylist since 2005 and as a result, I have become a shopping expert, gaining familiarity with all London has to offer. Depending on your individual requirements and budget, I like to focus on a particular area to maximise our shopping time efficiently. For those that desire High Street and unique designer finds, I like to centre around the magnificent Selfridges, Oxford Street and all the wonderful shopping locations that surround the store, such as South Molton Street, St. Christopher’s Place, Bond Street and Marylebone High Street – which is one of my favourite shopping destinations in London, with an independent boutique feel.

Why do you need a personal stylist in London?

There are many reasons why a London personal stylist is a fantastic investment for a successful shopping experience. Firstly, the range of shops and brands are unbeatable, there is literally something to suit every style and budget. Lucky us! However, not if you don’t know the shopping locations and what they have to offer. It’s likely you may end up wasting time, not finding what you’re looking for or possibly making impulse buys and coming home disappointed at the end of the day with items that will never or seldom be worn. Have you ever been shopping and come back with clothes you don’t even like?

Secondly, preparation is key. By planning your shopping trip and only visiting stores that are best suited to you, means your experience will be super productive. Staying focused on your mission (and shopping list!), and not deviating off course with browsing excessively at unsuitable fashions, will keep your eyes on the prizes.

Let’s touch on panic buys… Yup, those items that you’ve bought because they are cheap, or simply because you want to come home with something – they still have their tags on them and left unworn in the wardrobe for months on end! I truly believe in sustainable and ethical fashion: clothing made of higher quality or recycled materials, so they last longer and not mass-produced, made ethically by people who are paid a decent living wage and not working in poor conditions. The sooner we realise the detrimental effects of fast fashion to our environment and the people making garments, the better.

Ultimately, stay well clear of buying huge amounts of unnecessary, cheap, mass-produced clothes, even if they are a bargain. A well-cut, exquisitely made, higher quality garment will be worn more often and last a lot longer than a cheaper alternative. An item of clothing, when discarded and dumped in landfill, takes on average 40 years to decompose. That alone is worth bearing in mind!

Personal Stylist London – What to expect

Ideally, with new clients, I like to begin with a wardrobe styling and management session so I can streamline their existing wardrobe to form a solid foundation of staple items. Assessing every piece is the only way to determine the perfect fit, style, and its relevance. Once edited, I will create new outfits and provide exciting style inspiration utilising the clothes you already have – I may even be able to include those unworn, still tagged items! Finally, re-organising the wardrobe is a key aspect along with identifying the gaps, so we can establish a future shopping list, moving forward.

After this initial session, I will have a much better idea about your personal style, individual preferences, your aims and objectives and key pieces that we can work with. The research and preparation phase starts here! After this in-depth process, the next stage is to create your Pinterest style mood board and research the best styles and stores in London, perfectly suited to you – now let’s hit the shops!

Whether you’re looking for a stylish seasonal update, a gorgeous special occasion outfit or you desire a complete image overhaul, I’ll ensure we achieve your objectives in one productive styling session.

My personal shopping experiences in London can be booked as intro, half day and full day packages. Gift vouchers are also available upon request, and they are valid for 6 months.

To book and to find out more, please get in touch by calling me on 07971 484882 or emailing me at chantelle@personal-stylist.co.uk.