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Personal Stylist Surrey – How to get the best out of a styling session

With 3 of Surrey’s towns making the top 20 of best shopping destinations in Britain, there is clearly an abundance of high street shops, independents, unique designer and preloved boutiques to choose from.

Personal Stylist Surrey

As Surrey was a place I called home for many years, I have the expert knowledge required to guide you to the shops that will suit your style and budget. From favourite department stores in Guildford and Kingston, to the gorgeous boutiques of Cobham, the options are near endless when it comes to shopping for fashion and discovering your style.

personal stylist Surrey

Having this extensive range of stores to choose from is a fabulous thing, but it can also lead to confusion and feeling overwhelmed with not really knowing which stores are best suited to you, or worse still, after a day hunting for the right piece, impulse panic buys near closing time (which you will probably never actually wear!).

Work with me, and as your personal stylist in Surrey, you can be confident that there will be no one-off panic buys! My personal shopping sessions are 100% focused on you and your individual requirements, and my clients find them to be highly efficient and they are always a lot of fun. I will eliminate unsuitable shops that are not right for you and save you huge amounts of time and money during this process.

How to get the best out of a personal styling session

Preparation and communication are key. Preparing for your styling session requires an understanding of your individual requirements and objectives, so I can create your personalised style mood board, establish recommended shops, suitable brands, and pinpoint key pieces in advance. Sharing your feedback and comments are invaluable to me.

I also like to find out what you already own and key clothing items in your wardrobe, your style preferences, likes and dislikes, as well as your budget requirements. This is important, as it will allow me to properly allocate your budget across relevant shops and suitable brands you may not be familiar with. Demonstrating the cost-per-wear of suggested clothing items, can also be a revelation!

On the day of your styling session, it is recommended that you dress with comfort in mind. Something that you can easily change in and out of, so maybe a dress and trainers. Not shirts or jumpsuits with many buttons to contend with! Skin-coloured underwear is also a good consideration and in addition, some clients like to bring one or two different bras, hosiery, and shoes to try on with different outfit combinations.

About undies… If you haven’t yet or recently done so, it is always worth finding out your current bra size prior to your styling session. Nine times out of ten, it is likely you may not have been for a fitting for a while and overall, it is also important to be as accurate and honest about your sizes – this will help everything run smoothly and efficiently. Check your current jeans, and clothing for labels and share the brand and clothing sizes with me. Preparing the right sizes for you on the day will save me (and you) huge amounts of time!

Before we meet, it is imperative to find out your ultimate aims and objectives – the more information you supply and the more communication we have, the better the result. A successful styling session will leave you more aware of which styles best flatter your body shape, as well as a better understanding of which colours will enhance your natural colouring. Learning how to mix and match different outfit combinations will help you feel more confident about your own unique style moving forward. This will give you an exciting and more manageable wardrobe, with style possibilities you may not have considered before.

In most cases, we will identify which stores and brands are best for you in terms of style, fit and budget. This alone will save you time in the future by heading to the stores that work best for you.

My clients walk away from their styling session with not only a stylish and practical capsule wardrobe that works for their lifestyle but ultimately, renewed confidence and excitement for clothes again.

My personal styling sessions are available as introductory, half-day or full day sessions, and you can find out more here. Alternatively, you can get in touch by calling me on 07971 484882 or emailing me at chantelle@personal-stylist.co.uk.