<style>.lazy{display:none}</style>Personal Styling Tips: How To Style A Rectangle Body Shape

Personal Styling Tips: How To Style A Rectangle Body Shape

Personal Styling Tips: How To Style A Rectangle Body Shape

You may have read about the previous body shapes I have already covered including the Apple, Pear and Hourglass so far! We all have a unique and individual body shape.

Once you know what body type you are, it’s incredibly useful to understand the best way to style your individual shape and proportions. I have a series of guides for each body shape with valuable advice and tips on how to style them – this one is for women who have a rectangle, boyish or athletic body shape out there…

What is a rectangle body shape?

Typically, a rectangle body shape is defined by having similar shoulder, bust and hip widths, which creates a straight silhouette with little or no waist definition.

The main aim for styling a rectangular body shape is to focus on accentuating your waist. This can be achieved by following my practical styling advice and tips for a rectangle body shape below.

Wear different colours on top and bottom

With the straight and angular proportions that rectangle shapes have, choosing contrasting colours to wear above the waist to that of below can help break a long straight silhouette. The visual impact of two different colours will go a long way. If you want to dress head to toe in one colour ensure you accentuate your waistline by accessorising with a belt or wearing styles with a defined waistline.

Also, look at adding volume and detail to your upper or lower body, which will visually give you a noticeable waistline.

Fitted tops and jackets should always end at the top of the waist, any longer lengths will elongate your body. By doing so, you will create curves and a waistline that would not have been visible before. Shirts should be worn tucked in.

Denim jacket or blazers are the perfect choice for rectangle body shapes.

Don’t do square…

Avoid square necklines, as these will add squareness to your already angular frame. Loose flowy tops work better for rectangle body shapes. Most rectangle shapes have prominent collar bones, so opt for V-neck or scooped neck tops instead to show them off.

Shapeless dresses are a no no

The most flattering dress style for your body shape is nipped in at the waist, at your highest point, while nicely balancing your upper and lower body, paying attention to the sleeves and neckline. Hiding under oversized, shapeless dresses is a big no no.

Opposites attract

If you are wearing a flowy top, opt for slim, tapered or straight jeans and conversely, if you are wearing a form fitting top, go for A-line or flowy skirts, flared or boot cut jeans – remember, it’s all about defining and enhancing your waistline.

Need more advice?

I hope you have enjoyed reading just some of my styling tips for a rectangle body shape. For a more in depth look at how to style your particular body shape, you may want to consider a one-to-one wardrobe styling and management or personal shopping session with me, where everything (and more!) be covered.

Alternatively, I can provide you with tailored body shape style guide upon request.

How to book

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