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A bit more about me and why I am a personal stylist

I have always been the type of person who enjoys socialising and being with people.

Fortunately, I have been a personal stylist for 15 years and my job is so much more than just loving fashion and taking outfit photos, in fact I hate taking selfies so rarely do it. Being the centre of attention is not my thing, I would much rather celebrate someone else and see them shine.

When I work with clients, I like to create a relaxed and informal yet professional approach. Having fun is a priority but having empathy and being able to relate to different people’s situations and seeing their confidence soar in just a few hours is what I find truly rewarding. I like to make things happen and my friends would probably say I am a good listener, so this helps when getting to know each of my clients (and interpreting a styling brief!).

That said, I have always loved fashion and I enjoy experimenting with my own style. Shopping is still a fun hobby of mine, although it is online at the moment, and using my creative eye to spot unique pieces is something I use to my advantage. To be honest, I can’t wait to physically get back into the shops! Who’s with me?

The combination of these approaches versus having an eye for style is a seamless fusion for personal styling success.

I work with men, women, children and gender-neutral, of all ages and from many different walks of life. However, as my business has evolved, there has been an organic shift towards working more with female directors and CEO’s.

Empowering women and helping them to achieve their life goals by determining the best version of themselves and appreciating their uniqueness, continues to be an extraordinary journey, and long may it continue. Being able to share my passion for fashion and style, build trusted relationships and watch clients gain in confidence to reach success is incredibly rewarding.

It is true, I do get a mind-blowing buzz from making such a positive change to people’s lives through delivering exceptional personal branding solutions.

If you have been thinking about working with a personal stylist for a while but you haven’t been brave enough to take the plunge. Perhaps now is the right time?

Please don’t hesitate to contact me today, it would be fantastic to hear from you.