<style>.lazy{display:none}</style>Introducing my new style subscription service - just £95 per month! - Chantelle Znideric Award-winning Personal Stylist

Introducing my new style subscription service – just £95 per month!

Introducing my new style subscription service – just £95 per month!

Do you often struggle to choose an outfit? Do you have lots of clothes, but feel you have nothing to wear? Are there brand new unworn clothes in your wardrobe still tagged?

If any of the above sounds familiar, you are not alone! Wouldn’t it be great if you had look books of outfits that made you feel incredible each time you wear them?

In my experience, I know that many women want the ease of managing their wardrobes and shopping for clothes. My monthly style subscription service may be the best fashion tip you’ve been looking for!

I’m hugely passionate about advocating ‘less is more’ and sustainable fashion. Green Heart Collective recently published an article where they reported that in the UK alone, the average adult has 118 items of clothing in their wardrobes (WRAP). In their last blog they explored how with just 33 items in our wardrobes we could potentially make 25,176 unique outfits!

Why aren’t we talking about the sheer amount of clothes we have in our wardrobes because, let’s face it, as a stylist and from my experience we all have way too much?

I would love for you to allow me to help you reach peak efficiency with your wardrobe – imagine how many new and exciting outfits could be curated from your own wardrobe!

CZ_VIP Style Subscription Service

Yes, it’s true, my new service will help you to maximise and manage your wardrobe, re-purpose unworn items and re-wear exciting new outfits you love to wear. You will have your own secure, private account, linked directly to me.

When you first sign up you will have a complimentary 30-min style consultation and body shape analysis, and you will also receive your expert body shape guide (worth £37.50), which will share heaps of tips on how to dress successfully for your unique body shape. From there on, your monthly style subscription includes:

  • ALL your clothing items, shoes and accessories are stored securely in one place within your very own virtual wardrobe**
  • On-demand outfit pairing recommendations and look books for your lifestyle
  • Unlimited uploads of new purchases, as and when you buy something
  • 10x new fashion finds sourced / 5x outfits created per month OR 30x new fashion finds sourced / 15x outfits created seasonally for your lifestyle. Including holiday, work, off-duty, evening and special occasion outfits – tailored to you, personally curated by me
  • 48-hour sourcing turnaround
  • 15-min style check-ins, on request
  • Expert body shape style guide, worth £37.50
  • 10% off 1-2-1 personal styling and shopping sessions (min. 3 hours), redeemable after 3 months of joining
  • 10% off 1-2-1 virtual personal styling and shopping sessions (min. 2 hours), redeemable after 3 months of joining

**To document and photograph your clothing or a proportion of your wardrobe, choose from two onboarding packages (Stylist Onboarding or Client Onboarding) to suit your budget and to get started. To find out how this works, please don’t hesitate to call me on +44 (0) 7971 484882.

Wouldn’t having all those outfit combinations to hand and having them in separate look books save you heaps of time? Not to mention, alleviate any stress!

Why use the CZ_VIP Style Subscription Service?

  • I will show you how to make the most of your existing wardrobe and create unique, new and exciting outfits you’ll love to wear, tailored to you and your lifestyle!
  • I will save you time by curating a few select pieces that instantly elevate your wardrobe, inspiring you to try new styles to accentuate your body shape!
  • I will help you pull together new colour combinations and those essential staple items to form the foundation of your exciting capsule wardrobe!

Having your very own personal stylist, on-demand and at your fingertips, will help you feel confident with your style and look a million dollars every day – it’s never been so easy!

My CZ_VIP style subscription service is just £95 monthly. If you would like to find out more or simply sign up, please email me at chantelle@personal-stylist.co.uk.