The C.VOX Stylish Miller Audio Jacket – wired to give great sound and performance!

With my quest to completing the Brighton Half Marathon in sight and my obsession to finding stylish training gear ever increasing, I was ecstatic to discover the C.VOX Stylish Miller Audio Jacket. What a fabulous invention and feat of technological genius – at last, a super lightweight running jacket with built-in headphones!

There’s no doubt I definitely could not run the long distances without any tunes to listen to, this is something I totally rely on to motivate and drive me, as well as challenge my mind to get me through the highs and lows of each training session.

Prior to wearing my audio jacket I would strap on my running armband, plug in my earphones and turn up my Spotify playlist with a slight concern that my iPhone would get soaked if raining. Sadly, the training doesn’t stop if there are a few showers forecast.

Since discovering the Stylish Miller jacket, I can simply slip my iPhone into my pocket, connect it with ease and play my tunes through the built-in headphones – there’s no pulling of wires, they provide a great sound and the earphones stay entirely in place! What’s more, the built-in earphones, speaker system and microphone within this jacket are machine washable so there aren’t any issues with washing this garment as much as you like. To summarise, I love wearing my new jacket and I just hope it aids my performance on race day.

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