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Supreme Client Case Study & Testimonial

“I first worked with Chantelle at a very critical point in my career as I was coming up to partner promotion at my law firm.  The process at my firm is very rigorous and in addition to documenting a strong business and personal case, is also tied to an intense series of off-site interviews and case studies. 

As such, establishing a professional appearance that is consistent with your personal style ensures that you give yourself every chance to succeed.  Chantelle genuinely curated a step-up in my sartorial choices, not only looked and fit better, but helped me feel more confident.  Chantelle’s advice has benefitted me for many years now and I continue to rely on her contacts.  As I’ve grown in my career and often been the senior representative of my firm at a meeting, I’ve certainly realized that the ability to present in a well-considered manner has certainly contributed to my ability to deliver advice to my clients with authority.

I was very impressed with Chantelle’s approach as she takes a holistic approach of considering your work environment, budget, personality, preferences and existing wardrobe (and isn’t afraid of giving honest advice of what works … and importantly, what doesn’t). 

 She is also willing to challenge you to take the “next step” in your wardrobe choices and help you achieve a more confident presentation.

While in an ideal world, one’s appearance may be irrelevant, presence and personal style matters in how others perceive not just you but your organization.  I’ve recommended Chantelle’s services to several colleagues who’ve expressed the desire to improve their personal style but have not had the time or wherewithal to do so themselves.

Today’s environment, whether in virtual meetings, or hopefully, when we’re back in person, present unique challenges as there are fewer standard workplace “uniforms”, whether it’s a conservative environment or creative.  As a result, the increase in choices has made it more challenging to present yourself at your best, particularly with conflicting demands on our time.  I’d strongly recommend Chantelle’s services to anyone who is time-starved and in need of an upgrade.”    

Mr SD – Partner at a Magic Circle Firm