How To Shop The January Sales From A Personal Shopper’s Perspective

It’s fair to say we have come accustomed to grabbing a bargain throughout the year, not just in the January Sales. With mid season sales in abundance, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday bonanzas we have had in the last few weeks – we’ve had some fabulous opportunities to grab some incredible bargains before the big day itself. For me, January is still the best time of year to get bigger and better discounts off your favourite designer labels and clothing brands.

Having shopped the sales for over 10 years as a personal shopper, my sale shopping strategy is simple, stress-free and works every time! Here are some great online and offline tips that may be great to consider before tackling your next shopping trip to ensure you get what you want, as well as making sure you’re not just buying because it’s cheap!

#1 Prioritise your wish list in terms of items you ‘need’ and items you ‘want’. Do a bit of homework mid-December by going into store and shopping around to identify your must-have sale items and don’t forget to make a note of the correct sizing you require. Once that is done you are ready to hit the sales! On Christmas Day or at my earliest opportunity, usually after lunch when everyone is too full to move, I’ll take half an hour out to do a round of online shopping for my desired items. Even if I manage to bag one item I’ll be happy!

#2 If you get to a store and they don’t have your sizes then don’t fret. Ask the sales assistants if they have another size in their stock rooms, they may not have space to have all sizes out on the shop floor. Failing that ask them if they could phone other stores to see if they have what you want but be prepared that it may be too busy, however you could suggest they call them at a quieter and more convenient time. Alternatively, if you want a quicker experience why not go in a couple of days beforehand and ask the store to reserve the item for you? If they are already marking items down (usually later on in the day) some stores may just give you the discount anyway knowing that they have to shift the stock so it’s always worth asking in advance as well.

#3 If the thought of making a trip to the High Street is too much for you then there is nothing better than making your necessary purchases online. It’s worth signing up and creating an online account beforehand, as this will save time on the day. Some websites will also have Preview Sales for members via their apps, so this will give you first dibs before anyone else. You may have to pay postage and packing but it is a great feeling knowing that you are not getting caught up in the crowds, saving on extortionate fuel and parking costs. The savings you will make will contribute towards the postage and packing costs, so all in all a great stress-free option!

#4 Generally we buy clothes because we LIKE them or simply because we WANT them. Before making your purchase, think about the reasons you are buying it for … is it just because it’s cheap? It’s really helpful to think about how the item in question can be combined with at least two or three other outfits from your current wardrobe to justify the purchase. The last thing you want is get it home and have nothing to wear with it… 

#5 Always make sure at the time of purchase you check the store’s return policy, as they all differ and sometimes for sale items the policies are different to the normal ones. For example, they may give you less days to return an item – 7 days instead of 28 days. In the worst-case scenario, some stores won’t give full refunds on sale goods, just exchanges, so please be aware of that.

If the thought of January sale shopping fills you with complete dread, then you may want to consider allowing someone like myself help you to identify some fantastic pieces that will compliment your existing wardrobe and/or create a new and exciting effortless capsule wardrobe from suit your lifestyle. Whilst there is a cost to my personal shopping experiences, the savings made from buying more of the ‘right’ items often pays for the service whilst saving you time – plus you get to learn a whole heap of useful styling tips and tricks so that future shopping for YOU comes with newfound confidence.

To book your January personal shopping session today, please call me on 07971 484882 or email me at

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