Are you looking to inject new styles and trends into your wardrobe but don’t know where to start? Does your busy lifestyle mean that you don’t have time to hit the shops and therefore prefer clothes shopping online? With so much choice, why not eliminate the hassle, which comes with buying items on the internet?


Decoding the new season trends can be a mystery – lace, pink or cropped flares? Where does one start with introducing new trends to their existing wardrobe? Which trends will suit me, I hear you ask?

No one likes wasting money on impulse purchases or mistake buys, leaving unworn (and expensive) items in the wardrobe. My new service might just be what you are looking for, to save you time and update your wardrobe with a capsule of staple pieces and key style heros.

For existing clients each session begins with a telephone call and for new clients we can utilise Skype or Facetime to discuss your style objectives and shopping wish list. Your initial consultation will determine your style and colour preferences as well as include colour, style and body shape analysis.

With your budget in mind and wish list in hand, I will begin sourcing suitable items from the vast array of fashion sites specially selected for you. You can expect to see 15-25 items pinned exclusively to your personalised moodboard each with style notes and advice underneath each image. I can also focus on more than one area of your wardrobe and create an agreed number of moodboards accordingly demonstrating how multiple items can be combined to make successful outfits.

I guarantee you will be inspired to rediscover your style mojo and be excited about breathing some life back into your seemingly lifeless wardrobe!