My New BBF, Alexa Jay… Introducing the Domino Handbag Collection!


Now for those who know me, you’ll appreciate that I’m a sucker for bags, and like shoes, you can never have too many in my opinion!

For me, an exquisite bag is just one of those things that makes me warm and fuzzy inside with an unconditional excitement for life. The right bag is like your best friend that won’t ever leave your side, and like a fine wine if you treat it well it will get better with age. The challenge is finding the right bag that you can team with your own individual style, reflecting your personality whilst helping you make that desired statement.

Within just three months of launching Alexa Jay Handbags, Indre Jakumaite, the passionate designer behind the brand was selected by Marie Claire magazine to receive mentoring through its Inspire & Mentor programme. This provided Indre with a fantastic opportunity to learn the ropes of retail from a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur Donna Ida Thornton, owner of Donna Ida boutiques and denim label IDA.

Alexa Jay is a fun lavish brand with big dreams as well as BAGS of personality (excuse the pun…)! There’s a bag in every colour to suit your character but my new affections are aimed at the BLACK Domino Collection but NOT AS YOU KNOW IT. It’s claimed to be this brand’s most luxurious and contemporary line yet comprising of four stunning styles – it’s not to be overlooked.

The Domino satchel is an eye-catching bag to say the least – audacious, graphic and bold and a true ode to leather craftsmanship, this bag is a fantastic size, roomy yet practical, elegant and compact. And when it continues to be dark, dank and bleak it’s definitely my go-to-bag to banish the blues and add that extra bit of sizzle! Finally, to summarise my new bag in three simple words – sassy, smart and stylish!

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