My DAILIES TOTAL1® Contact Lens Review. Give them a try and see for yourself!

There’s no doubt about it I love my specs but every now and again I like to try new things to reinvent my look.

Over the past few years I’ve taken to running and exercising regularly and after five years with two young daughters in the equation, life is slowly becoming more about me again. Feeling good, socialising and going out more have definitely been on my agenda.

With a busy work and family schedule, discovering the new Alcon DAILIES TOTAL1® contact lenses has been a fantastic investment for me all round. Without wanting to sound too technical the lenses present the highest surface lubricity and the highest breathability of any daily disposable that it’s proven to give the wearer at least 16 hours worth of comfort! I’ve heard that normal lenses claim to offer comfort for around 14 hours so if you are looking for longer lasting wearability these would definitely be the ones to try!

In this day and age we are all looking for complete convenience, flexibility and reliability to compliment our hectic lifestyles so I was really excited to give them a go.

My nearest optician is Leightons in Farnham. They booked me in for a contact lens assessment in order to fit me with the correct contact lenses. After the assessment was completed, the optometrist put some dye into my eyes to measure my tears, this also revealed any exposed areas and highlighted if my eyes were dry. If anything my eyes were a little dry so I was prescribed an eye mask wheat bag to act as a warm compress to relieve the dryness – it’s also a lush relaxing treatment for when the kids have gone to bed!!

Once all the checks were done I was able to try my first set of lenses. With some guidance this process didn’t take long to get a handle on. With practice it’s a doddle! These lenses have a slippery surface which make them very comfortable, but they are so easy to put in and take out. A number of sight tests were completed to check my vision and all in all this consultation took around 45 minutes, something that could easily be achieved in a lunch break.

After two days I went back to Leightons wearing my lenses for a second assessment. In addition to the contact lens assessment the optometrist also gave my eyes a full health check. The aftercare was fantastic and the health check was rigorous leaving me feeling that I was placed in the best care.

I now wear my lenses for leisure pursuits, exercising and going out in the evenings and I find this works really well for me – the lenses fit in with my lifestyle and provide me with excellent vision as well as comfort.

You too can trial the DAILIES TOTAL1 contact lenses for FREE. Simply visit and click on the FREE TRIAL button. Click the ‘Claim Your FREE TRIAL Voucher’ link and print off your voucher. Next find your nearest participating optician by clicking the link below it – it’s that easy!


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