Men’s Styling

There’s no doubt about it, men are far more aware of their image and personal style in today’s modern world, with a desire to look more attractive and feel increasingly confident.

We completely understand that the modern man is continually under pressure to succeed – time is a constraint due to busy lifestyles; work schedules, day-to-day family life and unlimited social engagements can take over. With so little time, why not relax in the hands of our expert styling team and let us do what is necessary to help manage your wardrobe and give you some inspiration on creating a stylish look.

Our wardrobe styling and management service is a great starting point, we will de-clutter, edit and reorganise your wardrobe as well as give you ideas on how to create new stylish outfits and maximise forgotten or unworn items in your wardrobe! We will also identify any gaps in the wardrobe and compile a shopping list as well as plan your future shopping session efficiently.

On the other hand if you would like to solely book a personal shopping session, we are confident they will ultimately save you time and money. Whether you’re looking for a complete image overhaul or enhance your work wardrobe and smart casual attire, we will ensure we achieve your objectives in one productive session.

From experience, the advantages of enhancing your corporate image can lead to that much deserved promotion, recognition, increased confidence and ultimately that competitive edge in the work place. Alternatively, you may require help creating an effortless smart casual look for the weekend or other off duty pursuits. If you’ve changed weight, been awarded a promotion or you’re back on the dating scene, whatever your lifestyle change, our men’s styling services can be tailored specifically for you.