5 Steps to Achieve the ‘Less is More’ Look (successfully)!

Less is definitely MORE when it comes to building a new capsule wardrobe and to make the best of it you have to seriously have to think about these five important aspects.

The points below may seem painfully logical but when do WE (you or I) have time to sit down and really consider a simple aspect such as the clothes we wear?… It’s a fact that often we choose clothes for comfort – we know our comfort zone like the back of our hand and in general we like to stick to it. For some of us we really don’t know what to wear or where to start, so never consider a change in style due to lack of time and confidence. Lets face it the thought of it is daunting. So, we stick to the colour black because we think it makes us look slimmer and it goes with everything, and a faithful pair of skinny jeans – as a result our everyday ‘uniform’ gets increasingly dull. Yawn…

The 1ST STEP is to take into account YOUR own lifestyle – how do you spend a typical week? What does your life consist of – work, kids, pets, exercise, hobbies, socialising? Once you’ve defined this you can set to work and think about how much time you dedicate to each aspect. Your wardrobe should reflect your lifestyle! The necessary amount of work outfits should equal the time you spend at work etc. etc. If your lifestyle has changed recently it’s time to address your existing wardrobe and make this first positive step. Once you’ve nailed harmony here you can move forward.

The 2ND STEP is to consider having fewer clothes versus way too many – your mindset will become clearer and ultimately getting dressed in the mornings will get much easier. By purchasing ‘clever’ staple items or simple cuts and combining them with fun exhilarating pieces that reflect your personality, the outcome is that you’ll enjoy building new outfits that reflect YOU. Really seeing your wardrobe in its entirety can be eye opening and refreshing. Learning which colours suit you and how to combine them successfully can play a huge part in creating a new stylish look as well as considering prints and perhaps a few quirky accessories. Selecting styles that actually suit YOU can have an effective impact and may even help you look younger and slimmer.

The 3RD STEP is to accept who you are and what you’ve got. Ok, so we may not all have a knock out figure like Olivia Palermo but we can sure as damn it ‘play up’ our best assets. Learning how to appreciate YOU is key. Think about what makes you feel good – and sometimes it’s the smaller details that make a huge difference overall. For example, a skirt length can really make your legs appear longer and slimmer, or even help you achieve a more modern look. For me, I like wrists, it’s a small thing, but showing them off makes me feel more feminine and thinner (if that could be possible?!). You know where I’m coming from – reveal your best assets in a subtle way and hint at what you’ve got rather than shout about it.

The 4TH STEP is to be flexible with your style. Even though you have a particular style there are ways to enhance, slightly skew and make it more exciting. Depending on what you’re doing that day you can really ‘change up’ what you normally do by introducing contrast, flattering fabrics or interesting styles that really do work for your body shape – take into account the overall look and objectively ask yourself what it says about you. We typically sway between two different style personalities. By defining your own individual style can make it easier for you to style YOU and shop for new clothes (saving you time) and making the experience entirely productive.

The 5TH STEP is to learn how to combine chic outfits by successfully mixing and matching. Combine high street clothing with designer pieces and new unique upcoming labels – it can be real fun! The key is to introduce ‘quality and style’ where it most gets noticed, for example, buying designer accessories and footwear or quality denim or leather can make an outfit standout. It will ensure you ACHIEVE your own distinctive look. Learning where to shop for great quality fabrics and the quirky details will set you apart. Whatever your outfit combination, focus on a particular aspect of your outfit and play down the rest, this way you won’t look like you’ve tried too hard.

The outcome – ‘Less is More’!!

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